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Golden Goose Donna Alte

Uno studio effettuato da Denis Drayna, del National Institute of Health negli Stati Uniti, su gemelli sia omozigoti che eterozigoti per valutare le loro capacità musicali, sembra invece dimostrare l’eredità genetica dell’amusia, dovuta, secondo Drayna, per il 70 80 per cento al DNA.Like language, music engagement is universal, complex and present early in life.However, 4% of the general population experiences a lifelong deficit in music perception that cannot be explained by hearing loss, brain damage, intellectual deficiencies or lack of exposure. This musical disorder, commonly known as tone deafness and now termed congenital amusia, affects mostly the melodic pitch dimension.Congenital amusia is hereditary and is associated with abnormal grey and white matter in the auditory cortex and the inferior frontal cortex. In order to relate these anatomical anomalies to the behavioural expression of the disorder, we measured the electrical brain activity of amusic subjects and matched controls while they monitored melodies for the presence of pitch anomalies.

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